What We Do

Online and big data have created opportunities that were unthinkable just few years ago. Physical businesses remained far behind and just recently started to catch-up.

Providing free WiFi access to visitors, tracking pedestrian flows or building and sophisticated personalized customer experiences all fit within the same underlying long term trend: digitization of physical places.

Originally an academic spin-off from Milan Polytechnic, Mobimesh has chosen to develop a proprietary Marketing and Analytics Big data platform to ensure full control of the underlying technology and superior service to its customers.

  • Integrated Guest WiFi, Marketing and Location Analytics in a single platform.
  • Choose your à la carte menu or go all in with a unique end to end solution
  • Customizable captive portal to provide caring to your customers
  • Seamless CRM integration and customer profiling + effective proximity marketing
  • Integrated Video and WiFi Location Analytics to understand your customer journey map


Mobimesh Solution
  • Seamless First Time Opt-in and Welcome Back
  • Personalized Landing Pages and Graphics
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Couponing
  • Social Marketing
  • Mobile App
  • Customer Surveys


Mobimesh Solution
  • Gender, Age Group, Ethnicity
  • Dwell time and Sentiment analysis
  • Nationality, Language
  • Social data and feeds
  • Personal Contacts
  • Purchase History
  • CRM integration


Mobimesh Solution
  • Footfall, Entrants and Viewers
  • Pedestrian Density and Queues
  • Heatmaps, Hot / Cold Areas
  • Flow paths
  • Lenght of stay and Frequency of returns
  • Multiple Conversion Rates
  • Entrances, Shopping windows, Inter Floors, Exhibitors, Digital Kiosks

One Platform ®

Mobimesh One Platform® is open, scalable, and easy to use by design.

Mobimesh One Platform® can seamlessly integrate videocameras, WiFi access points, beacons, IoT sensors and third party databases.

Large amount of data can be processed in real time to provide rich analytics and business intelligence reports to monitor what happens in stores, malls, airports, railway stations and many other physical contexts. 

Social log-ins and welcome back mechanisms allow for frictionless guest WiFi experience and customer profiling. CRM integration and contextual advertising are the basis of the most effective marketing campaigns.

Features of our platform


Mobimesh One Platform® easily integrates third party data sources and IoT sensors


Mobimesh One Platform® manages thousands of concurrent users and very high data traffic loads

Easy To Use

Mobimesh One Platform® allows superfast, company-wide rollout across multiple locations

Delivering A Tangible Business Impact

Shopping Window Effectiveness / Walk In

  • Measure ROI on visual communication investments
  • A|B test communication messages
  • Stimulate drive to store


  • Introduce marketing initiatives based on customer profiling
  • Leverage customer data to provide
    superior in-store service

Store layout and
format improvement

  • Improve in-store footfall
  • Measure KPIs by store area
  • A|B test different formats

Staff optimization
and self-caring

  • Align staff scheduling to visitors inflows
  • Track customer service
  • Introduce self-caring tools to free up sales personnel time

Store areas and product categories

  • Facilitate product discovery by customers
  • Improve navigation with clearer signage
  • A|B test product positioning

Custom communication
and promotions

  • A|B test marketing campaigns
  • Protect margins by avoiding ineffective discounts
  • Measure marketing returns

Online / Offline

  • Leverage in-store opt-in to reduce customer acquisitions costs
  • Integrate online and offline CRM in a single dataset
  • Design omni-channel initiatives

Improved digital
signage and ADV

  • Leverage power of contextual analytics
    and communications
  • Improve returns of indoor and outdoor advertising

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